Because of a complicated past, Adam has to move to a new place. He meets his gay neighbor, Paris. An ups and downs relationship starts.



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NEIGHBOR by Romax 2019 Vol-5 pg140
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Page 138 - Volume 5 - Neighbor by Slashpalooza - Romax
Page 137 - Volume 5 - Neighbor by Slashpalooza - Romax

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Volume 5

Volume 5 will be automatically updated with its new pages. Buy it once and let's keep in touch!

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Volume 4

Adam needs to clarify the situation. But Paris is not ready to accept anything.

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Volume 3

It’s not easy to be faithful to your bf when your ex are around. It’s not easy to love somebody who never looks at you.

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Volume 2

Being together is exciting! So many things to discover... A very NSFW volume for adult only.

Volume 1 (Free pages)

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Volume 1 (Free pages)

When Paris and Adam meet for the first time. (New free pages are regularly unlocked.)

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Why did Adam have to move to another place? This exclusive one-shot explains many things about his strange behavior.