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What is Flowfo ?
We are a French indie platform hosting the artworks
of hundreds of creators around the world.
We regroup on a single site :
microblog + free online reader + monetization system.
Our goal : save your time to create and support creation.

No exclusivity, no selection, open minded

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Designed for all devices

On your smartphone

Flowfo is not an app but we are 100% responsive.
Add us to your homescreen.

A great comics reader

Read the mangas from left to right.
The webtoons have infinite scroll.
Progress bar, synchronized position, smart controls.

Supporting creation is significant
No matter if you pay or just "like"
Inspiring a community is a gift
Having 100 or 100 000 followers doesn’t matter

Home of the Flow folders

1- Create the Flow

2- Share the Flow

3- Update the Flow

The prices
are defined by the creators, free is ok

A fan on Flowfo is called a FLOWER

Watch our tutorials
Mix the Flows to match YOUR strategy
Update all your audiences in one minute
Valorize your completed works

Work in progress


hosting your first pages

The perfect way
to interest new readers



hosting your last EXCLUSIVE pages

Your loyal Flowers
support you every month

When a new page is ready, put it in the subscription Flow
and move the oldest one in the free Flow



hosting your project

Buyers pay once and discover
your work day after day

Personal shop


hosting a completed project

Buyers pay once and
enjoy your work (download is ok)

Micro Blog

News feed

As a creator, talk about your projects, inspirations.
The news feed is opened to all of your Flowers.

Explain more

Pin the news and take the time to explain your strategy.

No Flows needed

Write news even if you don't have any content to share yet.


Comment the news and the files that you like.

Monetization is not a swear word
We are proud to help you make a living from your art.
Our benefits allow us to dev new features
and to keep Flowfo as a safe indie place.


Only in Euro

Creators decision

All the prices are defined by the creators.
We take a commission on this price.
The (monthly) subscriptions are accumulatives.
The creators balance is paid out every month.

We deal with the VAT

We define the right VAT and automatically add it to the price. No need to worry about it.

No minimum or hidden fees.
We only charge you if you do paying transactions.


We take

10,9% + 0,30€

per transaction

Pay in and VAT included

Pay in and VAT management are
included in our commission.

Payout is an additionnal charge which depends of your chosen provider
and the currency you need.

“Follow me on Flowfo.”
“What kind of Flower will you be?”

A Flower is one of your fans on Flowfo.

Picts of this page are provided by Pixabay : Bodobe - Soorelis - Walkerssk - Khusen Rustamov
Comics picts are from the great story Neighbor by Slashpalooza

Made with love in Montmartre (Paris) - © Flowfo