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Content policy


Flowfo is intended for creators who offer the world something original of which they are the authors.
We consider satire, caricature and alternative universes to be important creations.
But as a creator, you cannot post work that infringes the rights of other people.
You cannot create fake pages or collect money for something you are not the author of.
You cannot create a fan page on behalf of someone else.
You cannot represent someone else by using their name, brand or work.
You can't fundraise for not "doing" something. For example: "I'll stop joking about someone if I hit $ 200 per month."

Bullying, harassment, and threats

Flowfo must remain a safe place for all our communities.
We do not allow intimidation, harassment or threat.
There is no room on Flowfo for hate speech, calls for violence, exclusion or segregation.
No information of a private nature (telephone, address ...) and belonging to a third person can be disclosed on the platform.
Mood swings are always possible, but recurring insults are prohibited.

Adult content - NSFW

NSFW is the abbreviation for "Not Safe For Work", describing "adult content".
Artworks with adult content should be marked as such when they feature unusually violent content, credibly talking about sex or depicting sex scenes.
Commonly accepted foul language is NOT NSFW.
Any NSFW artwork remains referenced on Flowfo but is subject to an explicit disclaimer.

Banners, covers that identify artworks, user profile pictures can in no way be NSFW as they are visible to all audiences. The representation of the genitals, of gore scenes is thus prohibited on these elements.
When in doubt about the content of an artwork, we advise creators to declare it as NSFW.
As a reminder, it is quite possible to create other artworks intended for different audiences.

Nudity and pornography

You can post creations of nude characters, whether real or pictured, but those artworks must be marked as NSFW (= with adult content).
Sex scenes are authorized (with NSFW marking) as long as they take place in a story or have an obvious artistic point of view (for photos for example).
Pornography (masturbation or sex scenes in front of a camera) is prohibited.
Sexual services and prostitution are prohibited.

Fight against pedophilia

The representation of minors involved in sex scenes is strictly prohibited.
This prohibition is valid for all media: photos, videos, drawings, texts, whether the minor is real, represented or stylized. This prohibition is also valid if the creator is the subject of the work.
For manga, the Shotacon or Shota genre is prohibited.
In order to preserve the safety of minors, we are likely to report to the authorities any content of a pedophile nature.

Unusual creations

Glorification of violence, rape, cannibalism, extreme gore, incest, necrophilia, urophilia, scatology are generally prohibited.
However, as these themes / practices are part of real life, we understand that creators may have to address them.
But this must remain exceptional and contextualized in a more global work.

Harmful and illegal activities

You may not promote illegal activities such as crimes against others or against property, the distribution of illegal weapons or the manufacture / sale of drugs.
Pages that promote self-harm, suicide or an eating disorder are prohibited.
All support for terrorist groups is prohibited.
Any funding intended for a political group or a political campaign is prohibited.
Dangerous filmed stunts are prohibited.


Do not post repetitive comments or send unwanted private messages to other members of the community.

Accounts violating our content policy

We will take action against an account if we find that it is in violation of these guidelines.
These measures include the deletion of files, pitches, descriptions, comments, deletion of Flow, page or profile.
We won't share any details related to the type of action we might have taken against an account.
This policy is part of the general conditions of Flowfo.
For more information, contact Flowfo at [email protected].