ENGLISH - Prices


Only in Euro

Creator's decision

All prices are defined by the creator who owns the Flow.
Flowfo takes a commission when a paid transaction is made.
Creators are paid each month, based on sales made on their Flows.

We deal with the VAT

We define the right VAT and automatically add it to the price.

No minimum or hidden fees. We only charge the commission if the creator makes sales.
A free Flow costs nothing.


We take

10,9% + 0,30€

per transaction

Pay in included

Pay in fees are
included in our commission.
Payout is an additional charge,
depending of your chosen provider (Paypal or SEPA)
and the currency you need.

Free, paying or subscription Flow?

A FREE FLOW is a folder whose content is accessible to all (visitors included).
A free Flow can become a paying one (and vice versa).

A PAYING FLOW is a folder whose content is accessible only to users who have purchased an access right.
This access remains valid throughout the life of the Flow.

A SUBSCRIPTION FLOW is a file whose content is accessible only to Flow subscribers (monthly renewal).

About subscriptions

Subscriptions to Flows are cumulative: if a user subscribes to several Flows, he pays Flow A + Flow B + Flow C ...
The subscription renewal is automatic, on a monthly basis which always starts on the 1st of the month (there is no sliding period).
As access to Flow is instantaneous, the 1st installment is always paid immediately and is not subject to any discount (even if the end of the month is approaching).
A subscriber can terminate his subscription at any time. Access to Flow remains until the end of the current month.

About the prices

The prices for the Flows have a minimum of 2€ and a maximum of 50€.

Who pays the VAT?

The VAT is paid by the user.
It's calculated according to their residence country and is added to the final price.
Flowfo reverses the VAT to the administrations.


Payouts are made the 10th of each month. The currency is Euro €.
The payout method is chosen by the Creator.

SEPA TRANSFER - for European creators having a bank account.
PAYPAL - We have to pay Creators via commercial transaction which generates fees. Friends and family option is not possible. For more details about Paypal fees, visit www.paypal.com

What is a transaction?

A transaction is defined as a sale, new or renewed subscription.
If a creator sells two paying Flows + one subscription Flowduring an order, it means three transactions.
There is no commission with free Flows.

Does VAT affect the commission?

No. We assume any extra costs due to the VAT amount.
The commission is only based on the price defined by the creator.
As a creator, if you define your price to 4€, you'll be paid 4€ - 10,9% - 0,30€ = 3,26€

Are my CB numbers safe?

We do not host your CB numbers on our servers.
They are directly sent via secured link to our payment provider (which respects the PCI standard).